Collection of Collections APS is a social promotion association founded in 2017.
COC APS is an association of people interested in the art world and in the public diffusion of the knowledge of the artworks of private collections.
The artist’s work potentially addresses to the entire society. The association acts in order to allow the fruition of the collected works, making they available for exhibitions and for didactic and research purposes, as well it guarantees the individual character and the privacy of each collection.
Collection of Collections APS is a network of collections.
Each collection has its own individuality and addresses different aspects of the broad world of art, since 1900: visual and sound artworks, applied art objects, artist books and ephemera related to the art, fashion and architecture. The size of each collection does not matter. Acting as a whole, the network aims to promote the collections. Thus the network will become an instrument to give opportunities to the artists represented in the collections.
To guarantee high profile and credibility to the network, the cooperation with professionals is necessary.

Tiberio Cattelani (President)
Giammarino Battistella
Anna Grazia Stefani

Scientific Committee
Lorenzo Lomonaco
Marco Paletta
Francesco Tampieri

The network includes: Faenza, Firenze, Modena, Verona, Vicenza