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The mission of the no-profit association COC is to spread the knowledge of modern and contemporary works and authors [link a about/statement]. An association is more than the sum of the singles. Becoming a member you will attend exclusive visits to museums and collections, and contribute to public events and to didactics. If you have a collection, you can file the works of your collection with professional standard and privacy, and make available the works you chose to the COC archive, accessible to professionals.

I ask to become a member and I obligate me to pay the association fee of euro 200,00 within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the application.
I declare to know the Charter of the Association and I obligate me to accept and comply with all the Charter and the Internal Rules instructions and the resolutions of the Association bodies.
Consent declaration
being aware of the information about the personal data treatment (Privacy policy) which is compliant to the EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), I declare to be informed about the objective and the methods of Personal Data treatment, in any case strictly related and functional to realize the mission of the Association, and to comply with the law obligations. Thus I give my approval to the Personal Data treatment to the following purposes:
  • management of the application
  • management of the membership
  • shipping of communications about the Association activity (by e-mail, newsletter, or mail)
consent e-mail shipping of communications about the Association activity made in collaboration with third parties (communications from the third parties)
by clicking “Submit the application” I will sign this document