March 24th, 2021: Ferlinghetti's Birthday


March 24th, 2021: Ferlinghetti's Birthday

March 17 2021 - August 31 2023

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He is not still with us, but on March 24th we celebrate his 102th birthday, the birthday of a man who contributed to the history of culture, who enjoyed every moment, who tasted every breath, always moving against the tide.
Nothing happens by chance, and exactly twenty years ago an uncanny fate led the life of Lawrence Ferlinghetti to cross that of the Battistella family.
Today is the same day, the years passed but that birthday is carved in the memory of those who were there, and time is frozen, our perception only tells us it goes by. A date that leaves a trace on the life.

Image: Ferlinghetti Birthday Party, March 24th, 2001, in Monteforte d'Alpone. From left to right: Giammarino and Rosetta Battistella, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Mr. Verdi, Philip Corner. Seated: Francesco Conz.