• 7361 megabyte
  • Title7361 megabyte
  • Author Marco B. Fontichiari  
  • Year 2016
  • Classification Video art
  • Duration 00:55:30
  • Edition 1/1
  • Medium video
After seeing George Maciunas's 10 Feet (1966) Film I wanted to make the digital equivalent. Working constantly with Digital Video I immediately noticed the difference with Film, the nature of Film is measurable as a physical length. With Digital Video, we have a digital weight that occupies a digital space. The transformation from length to space is the visual element that I understood could be updated. I decided to use a Full HD resolution and an 8 GB USB storage drive. I decided to use these parameters because Full HD is the standard resolution today in 2016 and because an 8 GB USB drive is a container easily used with digital appliances used for seeing Video today. The numbers of megabytes onscreen correspond to the real-time passage of megabytes of Video. The dimension of the megabyte's text imperceptibly grows until occupying the entire screen. The text becomes less comprehensible with the passage of time like our relation with digital devices, we can't know exactly where the single frames of the video are. I do not intend for this video to be watched from start to finish, it works more as a growing creature that only looking away and coming back one can see a noticeable change. The dilatation of time in the artwork is analog with the way digital tools invisibly affect our lives. The result is an archetype of digital, video stripping to the barebone the videos that we daily consume. The price of the video is determined by a base price multiplied by the number of megabytes inside the video. The work was sold at 736.10 euros, so every time a number goes by 10 cents of video go by too. The video only exists in USB form. (artists statement, attached to the certificate)