• Cornell box
  • TitleCornell box
  • Author Diego Zuelli  
  • Year 2010
  • Classification Photograph
  • Dimensions Height: 54 cm Width: 100 cm
  • Edition 2/3+ap
  • Medium plotter print on dbond
from the artist's website: On Googling “Cornell box”, the search results will be a series of pictures taken from two very specific areas: web sites about US artist Joseph Cornell’s (1903-1972) works and pages from the Cornell University's web site (New York), documenting photographic and 3D computer graphics experiments with the “Cornell Box”. The two Cornells are absolutely not related to each other, but the connection, even if arbitrary, is very clear. Artist Joseph Cornell made boxes filled with assemblages and collages of salvaged materials (newspapers, magazines, toy parts, geometric solids, art prints). Those art works are widely known as Cornell Boxes. In 1984, Cornell University experimented with computer simulation to study the actual dynamics of light propagation, in order to find an algorithm to create images as resemblant as possible to pictures of real objects. A sample scene was then created: a box, with a light on top and simple objects inside. Still nowadays, this is the main test set for 3D computer graphics software. Once again called Cornell Box. This print puts side-by-side two Cornell boxes, compares them, mixes them. Underlining formal and thought similarities. Showing connection that was found only through the Internet and search engines, which linked an artist to a visual research usually unrelated to art.
Nuove acquisizioni, Galleria Civica di Modena, 18 Apri - 7 June 2015