• Sextoy
  • TitleSextoy
  • Author Vladimir Kozhukhar  
  • Year 2002
  • Classification Painting
  • Dimensions Height: 130 cm Width: 180 cm
  • Edition Unique
  • Medium oil on canvas
Artwork from the series “Not toys". From the point of view of so-called post-media realism, which is most influential at the present moment of the trend, it turns out that the number of medial filters, “machines of vision,” usurping our vision, does not affect the quality of the picture … Because the vision today emancipates from the production of meanings. Let’s consider it a peculiar reaction to the decadent “postmodern fatigue”, the artist seems to fall into amnesia, starting his relationship with the surrounding world, more precisely, with the visual fact of his existence, from a blank sheet. Quote from Vladimir Kozhukhar. “For me, as an artist, one of the sides of the understanding of postmodernism as an obvious phenomenon is the fact that there is too much art, that the accumulated potential of previous generations of artists is an inexhaustible resource, which is very convenient to resort to being heard. I note that here I am not trying to give definitions of postmodernism. I’m talking about a resource, and in this case, about the resource of abundance. The project, offered to the viewer, appeals to another category of resource, resource of crisis situations “. - Oknasocrealisma, "Kozhuar Vladimir"
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