• Eyes
  • TitleEyes
  • Author Camille Blatrix  
  • Year 2017
  • Classification Sculpture
  • Dimensions Height: 11.4 cm Width: 6.4 cm Depth: 3.2 cm
  • Medium dyed resin, steel, paper
"Blatrix continues his appropriation of commonplace objects, in this case reminiscent of explosive devices, by placing three of these handcrafted sculptures on the edges of the gallery windows with a view of the city in the background. The objects hypothetically signify a deletion of the surrounding dominating aspects in the gallery as well as allude to many recent political occurrences and Blatrix’s personal experiences. Upon closer look, we realize that each of these objects have several personal tokens such as flowers, notes, and subway tickets which are attached to these scrupulous objects. The sculptures' titles are referenced by essential bodily elements, giving the work a corporal existence. If triggering a detonation would erase the view of Los Angeles, they may also cease certain memories to exist." - Bad Reputation, "Camille Blatrix. Unview"
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